Sights Along the Cog Railway


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Why moon the Cog Railway? I

Why moon the Cog Railway?
I am quite surprised that no one, neither on the news item, or, in the blog, has mentioned what I believe is the most likely reason that people have mooned the Cog Railway: People who hike up are dismayed upon gaining the high ground to see a snorting, clattering,smoke-belching, train going by way up in the treeless alpine landscape of upper Mt Washington. These hikers are protesting the train's presence in these high-mountain scenes, where they believe such contraptions do not belong, thus, the "moon-action". Not surprisingly, hikers often refer to the Cog as the "Smog Railway", and they do not hold it dear to their hearts.

(I did like the State Police Trooper's take on the "Railway to the Moon" explanation, though..)

Re: Mooning the Cog

I would think the mooners have a First Amendment argument, especially if they are doing so because they dissaprove of the train in a national forest.

We may yet see the day when moooning is declared protected speech.

Mooning as free speech? I've

Mooning as free speech? I've never heard intelligible speech coming from a bared bum. It's meant to offend, and I wholeheartedly approve.